Practical Information

Paypal Payment

PQ considers convenience, quality, reliability and safety as highest priority. Therefore you’ll checkout using Paypal. This payment service is completely secure and easy.

Credit card numbers and address data is no longer necessary . You’ll pay with your email address and password. Your personal information stays completely private.

Also, your online purchases by credit card are always maximaly insured.

International Shipping

PQ personally developed a wonderful and iron strength Port box. The interior consists of vibration damping and insulating foam. The strong material takes the optimally shape of the port bottle.

PQ grants you a fully intact and beautiful Port, and our bottles a first class comfortable journey. The case will therefore be send in a box filled with the same iron strength foam. PQ wants to make sure that your purchase arrives in all its splendor.

Only the best, most caring delivery services are enabled. They have high knowledge and understanding of the vulnerability of the delicate product.

General Conditions

– Reservations
– Right of Withdrawal
– Returning & Reimbursement


You can make a reservation for a Vintage. The reservation period is 14 days after the date of reservation. Send a reservation request by e-mail to Please mention the Port House and Vintage. During the 14 days you can checkout and pay by Paypal (credit card payment).

Please notice: you can not return a Vintage Port because this product is to fragile and also perishable when wrongfully shipped. This doesn’t apply to the Colheita or Aged Tanwy Port. The right to withdrawal does not apply to the Vintages.

Right of Withdrawal

The right to withdrawal does apply to the Colheita and Aged Tawny Port, but with some modification of conditions. Because the products in both categories are also fragile and delicate, for example the Constantino’s Colheita 1910, you can choose for the option of “Possible Withdrawal” during the checkout procedure.

When this option has been selected, PQ will ship the purchased product after the period of fourteen days, in case the request of withdrawal has not been received by e-mail. PQ would like to prevent an unnecessary shipping and the risk of depreciation of the product. When the option has not been selected during the checkout procedure, the purchase is complete and the product will be send directly.

Returning / Reimbursement

Because PQ products are delicate and sometimes very fragile, PQ uses a return policy based on maintaining the highest quality of the products. A The wrong shipping of a Vintage could have cattestrofical impact on the development of the port inside the bottle. It can even change the wine into vinegar.

Therefore you can not

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return a Vintage Port. To respect your lawful period of consideration, PQ allows you to reserve the Vintage(s) fourteen days long, from teh dat of reservation. Would you like to cancel your purchase? Please feel free to cancel the reservation. Just send an e-mail. Otherwise the payment will be automaticaly completed.

You can return a Colheita or a Aged Tawny within two weeks after the date of delivery. Send your return request by e-mail for shipping to be submitted to PQ. (

In your message, send a description of the damage(s) and photographs showing the damage(s), outside existing damage cleraly visible and identified during purchase.

When the product demonstrably, during transport to you, (additional) has been damaged, and the PQ product will be returned via a carefuly delivery service in the photographed condition, PQ will return the purchase price, including the two way delivery costs to you, within fourteen days after receiving the product.

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